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Water Distiller Options

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Customize your water distiller with the Western Canada leaders at Distiller Warehouse Ltd. We invite you to review the information on this page to learn more about the options we have available. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Solutions at Your Fingertips

Options Available:

These water distiller options are available to add on to most distiller models. Call us at Distiller Warehouse Ltd. for pricing information.

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Pump Kit

Pump Kit

Call for pricing!

This option is useful if you wish to keep your distiller in a remote location (i.e. laundry room, boiler room, furnace room). Included:

SHURflo® 5L pump

25 feet of waterline

All necessary fittings

Standard tap A Tap

This option can be added at any time.

Which System Is the Best?

Available With Pump Kit

A standard chrome tap is included in the cost of the Distiller Warehouse Ltd. pump kit. Customers may choose from any of the taps we stock. The basic tap or may upgrade to other taps that we offer. Some samples are found below.

If you wish to upgrade from the basic faucet, in the pump kit, an upgrade charge will apply. Faucets available in:  Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Shiny Black, Matte Black and two handle styles.

Call for pricing!

Pump Kit Taps
Pump Kit Taps
Polar Bear Retrofit Autodrain

Polar Bear
Retrofit Autodrain

Call for pricing!


This option is meant to ease the task of cleaning. The autodrain will open up automatically and allow water to drain out of the boiling chamber, taking the impurities with it. This reduces the amount of time that the impurities have to harden against the walls of the boiling chamber. Included:

  • Autodrain

  • Drain hose (needed to reach either floor drain or bucket)


This option can be added at any time.

Water Systems Autodrain

This is the Precision brand of autodrain. It drains every time after the holding tank is filled. The autodrain attaches to the back of the distiller.


The manufacturer has imposed a publishing ban on the Internet. Please call for pricing.


Water can Be Complicated;
Let Us Address Your Individual Requirements

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