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The city of Edmonton

Commercial Water Purifiers for Edmonton Restaurants & Other Businesses

Commercial Water Purifiers

Distiller Warehouse Ltd. in Edmonton understands that, as a business, you need to offer safe, clean drinking and washing water to not only your customers, but also to your employees. In some industries, sparkling drinking water can mean the difference between surviving and going out of business. That’s why we offer the highest-quality commercial water distillers, such as:

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PWS 45-75 Automatic Commercial Size Distiller

For automatic commercial size convenience, the Precision Pure 45-75 Water Distiller's hands-off, fully automated operation is designed with the commercial customer in mind. This automatic distiller allows you to go about your day with the secure feeling that, when you need it, 75 gallons of the purest steam-distilled drinking water is available to your customers.


Reconditioned units available - Limited Amount

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Product Specs

  • Distilling Capacity: 45.0 Gallons (171L) every 24 Hours

  • Holding Tank Capacity: 75.0 Gallons (285L)

  • Shipping Weight: 170.0 Lbs (77.3 Kg)

  • Features:

    • Trouble-Free Float System

    • Seal-Protected Switches

    • Efficient, Stainless Steel Finned Coil

    • Advanced, Worry-Free, Stainless Steel Water Solenoid Fill Valve

    • Large 5" Boiling and Storage Tank Openings

    • 2-Year Parts and Labour Warranty

    • 15-Year Pro-Rated Stainless Steel Warranty

  • Optional:

    • Electric Automatic Drain

    • Pump

PWS 45-75 Automatic Commercial

Which System Is the Best?


Automatic Commercial Size Vapor-Compression Still

Units available from 25 to 1000 gallons per hour


The Superstill Technology, Inc. S-25 Vapor Compressor provides the same ultra-pure water as standard distillers, but for high-demand commercial environments. Capable of 25 gallons per hour of pure distilled water, the S-25 uses an energy-efficient design, is easy to operate and has low maintenance costs. Please call Distiller Warehouse Ltd. for more information.

Product Specs

  • Distilling Capacity: 25.0 US Gallons (95 liters) per Hour (600 Gallons / 24 hours)

  • Distiller Dimensions: 37"W x 35"H x 21"D

  • Shipping Weight: 500 lbs. (227 kg) / 625 lbs. (283 kgs)

  • Features:

    • Consistently pure distilled water

    • Constructed of corrosion-resistant materials

    • Operator-friendly with simple, automatic controls

    • Low maintenance

    • System recovers heat from steam, thereby lowering operating costs (lower than most other comparable systems)

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