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Water distiller

Polar Bear Float Gasket: Find Water Distiller Parts for Home & Work in Edmonton

Whether you are looking for a new water distiller, reverse osmosis system or replacement parts like Polar Bear float gasket or float seal replacement for the one you have, Distiller Warehouse Ltd., an Authorized Sales and Service Centre for Precision Water Distiller and Polar Bear Water Distiller, is the right place and your ultimate source for replacement parts for the top five water purification brands in North America. Our water distiller inventory includes:

  • new & reconditioned water distillers

  • reverse osmosis systems

  • equipment

  • filters & cartridges

  • float and other gasket replacements available

  • charcoal & descaler

  • electrical parts

How to Replace a Polar Bear Float Gasket

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**If the nuts and bolts are seized use WD-40 or equivalent to loosen them. Do not use too much force as the studs can break.

  1. Unplug the water distiller.

  2. Remove the front panel, 4 screws hold it in place.

  3. Remove the 2 - 7/16-inch nuts and washers that hold on the micro-switch plate (clear plastic rectangle with micro-switches on it.) Do not disconnect the wires or switches.

  4. Remove the float arm brass end with pliers or socket wrench.

  5. Remove the 2 nuts and washers that hold on the stainless-steel float collar.

  6. Remove float collar and the old float gasket. Clean any particles of the gasket from float collar and boiling chamber surfaces. Inspect the boiling chamber and float chamber for cracks or warping.

  7. Install the new float gasket with the grey part first, then the black part with the blackest part facing out/at you.

  8. Reassemble in reverse order, do not over-tighten nuts and bolts and brass float end, snug is enough.

  9. Always test the machine for leaks after any repairs.

What about Float Seals?

Like humans, machines and their parts wear out over time, so just like we may need a knee replacement, your water distiller may need a replacement float seal. You will be able to tell when it’s time to replace the float seal by performing regular maintenance on your water distiller. The float seal should be clean and not leaking or leaving any debris around it or in the water distiller.

It is important to replace a used or compromised float seal to ensure an effective and complete water distillation process, which is meant to remove contaminates and keep your water clean once it has been distilled. Call us for help with your float seal replacement in Edmonton or to purchase a float seal replacement from elsewhere in Alberta or beyond.

We’re located in south Edmonton, Alberta, but if you’re out of town, province, or country and need a part and can’t make it to us, we can ship it to you. Just ask us how

We Service!

In addition to supplying residential and commercial water distillers, reverse osmosis systems, and parts and equipment for both, Distiller Warehouse Ltd. also services water systems in Edmonton and throughout the surrounding area, including:

  • Camrose

  • St. Albert

  • Sherwood Park

We also help you do it yourself with tips and advice throughout this website and whenever you contact us

Did You Know?

Water distiller float gaskets need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years. We carry all the replacement kits, including Polar Bear float gasket replacement kits, for you to do this on your own. However, if you are in our central Alberta service area and prefer the experienced hands of our experts, we can send a team member out your way. Just call us

How Do Distillers Work?

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