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Problem Water Solutions

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Distiller Warehouse Ltd. offers a wide range of whole-home equipment to meet your needs. You’ll find here, for instance:


Water softeners, carbon filters, iron filters, and multi-media filters

Softener/carbon combo (whole-home removal of chlorine and water softener)

water conditioning equpment
water conditioning equipment

Two-tank iron filters (remove iron more efficiently than a single-tank filter)

For City or Urban Water

Solutions: HTO Softener, Carbon Combo, or Hydrotech® Softener

Get whole-home removal of hardness materials (calcium and magnesium) that cause scale buildup in your plumbing, water heater, and any water-using appliances.

water conditioning equipment

For Well or Rural Water:

Solutions are variable, depending on your specific water analysis. We offer specialty combos.


A 2-tank carbon system effectively removes any bad tastes and odours caused by chlorine, chloramines, or organic matter (sulfides). The 2-tank system keeps the media beds separate to allow greater carbon contact, which increases the removal of chlorine, chloramines, or organic matter (sulfides). The carbon is easily replaced once its lifetime has been reached.

Ultra Violet Systems

Ultra Violet Systems

A UV system is used to add additional security to your water supply. It will control any virus and bacteria issues in the water without other chemicals.

Ozone Systems

Ozone is an excellent disinfectant and a proven method to filter impurities in water through oxidation. This practical water purification method eliminates parasites, viruses, cysts, or bacteria in your water.

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How Do Distillers Work?

Which System Is the Best?

Water Can Be Complicated; Let Us Address Your Requirements

TDS measurement of water.

Water Softeners:

Our water softeners are designed to eliminate complex water issues in Alberta. Enjoy softened water that's gentle on your skin and appliances. At Distiller Warehouse Ltd., we offer top-notch water softeners with an additional focus on water distiller parts for your convenience. Say goodbye to limescale buildup and extend the life of your appliances with our advanced water-softening solutions. 

Make your water taste and feel better. Combine our water softeners with our water distillers parts for a complete water treatment solution.

Carbon Filters:

Carbon filters from Distiller Warehouse Ltd. ensure clean and odour-free water in Alberta. We also provide water distillers parts for all your needs! Remove chlorine, sediment, and unpleasant taste from your water with our high-quality carbon filters. Remember to check out our water distillers parts. Our carbon filters are a vital part of your water treatment system, and we're your one-stop shop for water distiller parts in Alberta. Trust our carbon filters to enhance water quality and pair them with our reliable water distiller parts for optimal performance.

Closeup of carbon water filters

Iron Filters:

Maintenance and Cleaning Water filter catrige on the water purifier machine.

Are you dealing with iron in your water supply? Our iron filters in Alberta are a game-changer. Plus, find water distillers parts at Distiller Warehouse Ltd. Are you tired of rust stains and unpleasant iron taste? Discover our efficient iron filters and explore our water distiller parts selection! Keep your water free from iron contamination with our advanced filters. Remember to explore our water distiller parts for complete solutions. Combining our iron filters with water distiller parts ensures the purest and best-tasting water for your home or business.

Multi-Media Filters:

Multi-media filters from Distiller Warehouse Ltd. offer a comprehensive solution to water conditioning in Alberta. Find water distiller parts here, too. Remove various impurities and particles from your water with our versatile multi-media filters, and check out our water distiller parts for all your needs. Achieve crystal-clear water with our multi-media filters, and explore our extensive selection of water distiller parts to complete your system. For a multifaceted water treatment approach, trust our multi-media filters and enhance their performance with our water distiller parts.

House water filtration system to drinkable condition. New clean water filter cartridge and glass of clear water
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