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Water Distillers are Environmentally Friendly and Efficient

Why Water Distillers are Environmentally Friendly and Efficient


When water is boiled or evaporated, it rises as steam. When it is cooled, it converts back to pure water. No contaminants, no bacteria; just plain refreshing H20. It’s Mother Nature’s cycle. Without it, our world would be completely polluted.

Natural Method Removes 99% of Contaminants

Cleansing occurs through this natural cycle, which removes water-borne biological contaminants such as bacteria, viruses, organic and inorganic minerals, chemicals, heavy metals, volatile gases and cysts. This natural purification removes more than 99% of all contaminants, producing a very high-quality pure water. Independent laboratory analysis has proven that distillation by high-quality water distillers produces the same result as natural purification.

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Beware of Gimmicks

At Distiller Warehouse Ltd., we believe people were meant to drink pure water, not filtered or processed water. In the past, consumers’ search for good health has led to many multi-level marketing gimmicks that have come and gone. In the 1990s we find that consumers want quality water products and are prepared to pay a little more to have that extra protection for themselves and their families. They want to be assured they are consuming the safest water possible.

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Imagine your home with a fully automatic distiller (installed in a furnace or utility room), dispensing pure, steam-distilled water from a separate tap at your kitchen sink. It could also provide water to an ice cube maker or water dispenser in your fridge, as well as a humidifier on your furnace.

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The Process

A distiller uses normal household current and automatically draws water into the boiling chamber. (A regulated start/stop float system extends the life of the heating element.) When water boils, the steam rises, leaving the contaminants behind. The water vapor then passes into an exclusive double-baffle system, and any volatile gases are released through a specially built-in release vent. After the steam passes through the fan-cooled condensing coils, the distilled water passes through a coconut charcoal filter, and finally into the holding tank. The automatic pump shut-off control protects the pump from burning out should the holding tank ever run out of water, and a built-in safety system will automatically shut off the distiller should it overheat.

Distiller Warehouse Ltd.

You might think that a system as described above would cost thousands of dollars and not be affordable for most. At Distiller Warehouse Ltd. we make it affordable. We believe everyone has a right to pure water. Just ask us for details.

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Water can Be Complicated;
Let Us Address Your Individual Requirements

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