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Crystal Mountain Water Cooler

Keep Your Staff Hydrated with a Crystal Mountain® Water Cooler

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At Distiller Warehouse Ltd. in Edmonton, we distill water on site for industrial and residential uses, offering a fill station in our store. We also sell water in bulk.


Our company sells only Crystal Mountain water coolers, and we stock 2 models for our clients. Should you wish to purchase a different model, we’re happy to accommodate your custom order.


We have in stock:

How Do Distillers Work?

Crystal Mountain Glacier Water Coolers

Available in 2 temperatures: hot & cold or room temperature & cold

Available in 2 colours: black or white

Replacement parts are available




water coolers
distilled water jugs

We sell bottled distilled water in volumes of 5 US gallons, 3 US gallons and 1 US gallon.

Inquiry or Feedback?

We sell bulk water as well; bring in your own bottle, or cube!




bulk water with filters

Water can Be Complicated;
Let Us Address Your Individual Requirements

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