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Buy Filters and Cartridges for Your Water Purification Equipment

The water filters we supply at Distiller Warehouse Ltd. in Edmonton include sediment filters, granular activated carbon filters, deionizing filters, etc. in various sizes and for various applications.

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Shower Filters

  • Remove chlorine right at the shower head
  • Help reduce dry, itchy skin
  • Last approximately 1 year (cartridges)
  • Come in a hand-held model, as well
  • We have replacement filters, as well

Sediment Filters

  • Used to remove any larger particles in your water
  • Available in various sizes

Carbon Filters & KDF Filters

  • Used to remove chlorine from the water
  • Available in various sizes

Filter Housings

We carry a variety of filter housings & all the fittings you will need

Call Distiller Warehouse Ltd. for more information on filters, cartridges and other products.

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